Here's what my references say.
Full letters and contact numbers upon request.

“I would recommend Andy for any position on the air or in programming as I have seen and heard his creativity and his passion for the business.”

Charlie Cook
Sr. Director of Programming, KKG0-KGIL-XSUR/Los Angeles
CMA Board of Directors
CRB Research Committee Chair

“Andy was always the consummate professional in all aspects of his career…. The best thing about Andy is that he is smart, clever and in command of the language without ever talking down to the audience.”

Jim Hays
Former PD, Westwood One Radio Networks

“Andy has a wonderful ability to encourage the personal and professional growth of every team member, not just in the programming department. Much of that comes from his desire to be the best and expect the best. He is a man who leads by example.”

Dan Craig
GM, Salem/San Francisco

“He is, above all, one of the most ethical people I’ve ever met.”

Gary Thompson
Former PD, KDBN/Dallas

Andy is an incredible talent and... was the cornerstone of our #1 rated country station KTPI. His creativity and work ethic kept our station number one in the morning.

Shannon Smith
Clear Channel Radio-Antelope Valley, CA

He is an excellent writer, a thorough researcher and a versatile communicator.  He is all of those things because of an amazing work ethic....  He never sets himself on a pedestal with his colleagues.

Dean Paynter
Director of News and Program Development
KJZZ Television/Salt Lake City

Andy has been a pleasure to work with. I've found him to have an excellent attitude, and a team spirit. As an air personality, Andy is creative and consistent. As our Production Director, Andy is punctual, and very much a perfectionist.

B. Eric Rhoads
Former Owner and GM of KLRZ/Salt Lake City (1986)
Current Publisher, Radio Ink Magazine

“He is a true professional and would make a tremendous addition to any broadcast team.”

David Felker
VP/Programming, Dial-Global Digital 24/7 Formats

“You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer, harder working and more talented guy to have on your staff.”

David Evjen
Founder, Bitman Comedy and Show Prep Service